America is In Deep Danger of Losing a Key Ally

When Donald Trump was president, we heard a lot from the liberal media about how he was a dictator and a madman.

Every night, Don Lemon or Keith Olbermann or some blowhard fool would get on television and hyperventilate about how Trump was destroying our alliances, bringing us to the verge of Armageddon.

That’s part of why there was such a wide push to get behind Biden, despite the fact he just wanted two scoops of ice cream and to hang out in the basement.

We were told he and his administration would save us, bring back our key alliances, and repair the precious “norms” and oh-so-sacred “democracy” would return.

What about these alliances? The truth is Trump was building far better bridges than Biden ever has or will.

The only kind of bridges VP Kamala Harris has built or will build are ones that lead to more illegal immigration.

Where Are We Now?

Let’s be honest and look in the mirror right now. Where are we?

Russia is involved in a protracted war in Ukraine that’s been going on since late February. Europe is in Putin’s stranglehold, thanks to natural gas. Trump warned Europe and Germany in particular to stop being Putin’s slave on energy.

The US economy is experiencing inflation the likes of which haven’t been seen in half a century. COVID is still raging as the ineffective and dangerous vaccines are pushed by our elites.

What’s worse is that our international alliances have never been in worse shape.

China is openly threatening our allies like Taiwan and the most we can do is send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make sure the semiconductor factories are still pumping out profits for her drunk-driving, loser husband Paul.

Meanwhile, other stalwart allies like India are literally about to jump ship. Tell me again about how Trump was the menace to world order.

Let’s Get Real

Russia and China are increasingly close together and will be participating in military training ops early next month (Vostok exercises).

Guess who else will be taking part in these exercises? If you said India, congratulations, you win!

Yes, India, Belarus (a close Russian ally), and other nations like Mongolia will all be marshaling troops to train as part of these anti-American war games.

Under Trump, Indian PM Narendra Modi was as close as could be to our nation.

Now, under Biden, he’s not very interested and is consciously drawing closer to Russia, believing they may offer more helpful security guarantees and partnerships than Biden’s regime.

The Bottom Line

A big part of proving Modi wrong and reestablishing America as a strong ally and world power will be kicking these weak and lying Democrats out of office, come the midterms.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.