America Has A Very Serious Problem With Transgender Radicalism

Transgender ideology and identity are worldwide. There are transgender people and gender transition operations going on from Turkey to Argentina and Canada to Kazakhstan.

Some countries are more liberal than others on transgenderism; the idea of childhood transgenderism is much more controversial.

Whereas one of the most disturbing aspects of the childhood transgender issue is America, in many ways, is leading the way in liberalizing and even promoting childhood transgenderism.

Why is that?

America’s Trans Kids Epidemic

Writing recently for National Review, Madeleine Kearns investigates why trans extremism is worse in the United States than in most other countries.

As Kearns points out, places like the UK ended up shutting down many clinics that offer gender transition surgery to kids; yet, places like Boston Children’s hospital and “countless other” clinics are still cutting up kids.


According to Kearns, the answer rests in America’s unique history. Since the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the radical left including gender ideology cultists have used the smokescreen of “rights” to advance their dangerous and radical ideas into the mainstream.

While places like the UK are less interested in ideas like “free speech,” they don’t have quite the same level of fixation on “rights.”

Only in America could Joe Biden want to funnel Medicaid money to cut off a young girl’s breasts in order to “support” her supposed transition to a boy.

This, of course, is not a right. It is a gross abuse of someone suffering from gender dysphoria. While as long as it’s framed in the language of rights, it has much more power and legal endurance through the US court system.

This is Not a Joke

While some conservatives may see the transgender issue as bizarre or even a little bit ridiculous, it’s important to treat it seriously here the way Kearns does.

This is not a joke. Generations of young people are being scarred forever both physically and psychologically by sick, twisted adults leading them to get dangerous surgeries.

Take the case of Wendell Perez, a Florida dad whose young daughter of only 12 was pressured by her teachers in the Clay County school district to transition to a boy.

They started using male pronouns and treating her as a boy, saying this was her real identity which really confused the poor young girl.

She ended up trying to kill herself in the school bathroom and thankfully did not succeed.

The Bottom Line

Thank God the twisted leftists at Clay County didn’t get as far as starting to cut her up, but how many other cases are even worse?

How many kids have died or gone into deep psychosis as a result of untreated gender confusion that is amplified and encouraged by sick cultural Marxist perverts and groomers?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.