Alleged Victim of Biden’s Sexual Assault Angered by Psaki’s Statement

Statements made by White House press secretary Jen Psaki angered the woman who accused Biden of sexual harassment; the woman is claiming that there was no litigation or investigation that happened regarding the case.

Biden’s comments about the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo revived the same accusations against him

Biden’s recent comments about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment case revived the sexual harassment allegations against the president. During a press briefing this week, Psaki was asked by New York Post reporter Steve Nelson about a question related to the sexual harassment accusations against Biden.

Nelson mentioned how, during the campaign period, there was a group of women, including Tara Reade (a former Senate staffer) who accused Biden of sexual assault and unwanted touching. It should be noted that during the campaign period last year, Tara Reade stepped forward and told the story how Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993.

Psaki then claimed that the allegations against Biden were “heavily litigated” throughout the campaign period. She also claimed that the president has been clear and outspoken about how he gives importance to making women feel heard and respected.

The press secretary also mentioned that it is likewise important for Biden to make sure that victims are heard, stories are told, and people treat women with respect.

Tara Reade, one of the alleged victim of sexual assault, mocked Psaki’s statements

However, the statement made by the press secretary sparked criticism, as Tara Reade claimed that there was no litigation that happened. In a post, Reade wrote that claims made by Psaki were not true. Reade sarcastically posed a question asking whether she missed the investigation or litigation about the case she presented.

Reade then added that what she did not miss are the attacks that the Biden campaign made against her and her character after she told her story of sexual assault. The alleged victim then stated how it this fosters an unsafe environment for women who wanted to step forward and tell stories of sexual harassment.

In relation to the comments made by the press secretary, Reade made remarks saying that for sure Psaki heard about her and her story. However, the pres secretary chose to uphold the rape culture and display hypocrisy.

Reade later mentioned how the Biden administration are hypocrites when they say women who are victims of sexual harassment should stand up, while at the same time making lies and protecting sexual predators like Biden.

On the other hand, Biden denied the sexual harassment allegations made by Reade. Yet, in 2019, he acknowledged the complaints made by women against him who stated they experienced uncomfortable touching by Biden.

Biden mentioned how norms started to change, claiming that boundaries have shifted with regard to protecting personal space. He then added that he gets what these women are saying, and simply vowed to be mroe mindful about their personal space.