After Suspected Hit-and-Run, A NJ Councilwoman Refuses To Step Down

An outcry was raised over an alleged hit-and-run that occurred in Jersey City last month. Though the councilwoman for the city who perpetrated the act declined to resign from her position on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night’s meeting of the city council was attended by about one hundred residents, all of whom pleaded with Amy DeGise to resign immediately.

DeGise expressed contrition but refused to yield, alluding to the fact that she would have more to say about the event when the legal processes have been completed.

Unwillingness To Resign

Fox News reports DeGise stated that she will not be retiring from her position.

She said people who demand that she step down are heard. She realizes they have issues and questions that she respects and she would welcome any kind of conversation or debate with them once she goes to court.

At a crossroads on July 19, surveillance footage captured an SUV crashing with 29-year-old Andrew Black. It looked like he ran a red light; yet, he was able to survive the accident, despite incurring injuries.

The next thing that is seen happening is the SUV, which was allegedly being driven by DeGise, speeding away from the scene.

According to reports from CBS News, DeGise was then issued two summonses for abandoning the scene and then neglecting to report the event for about six hours.

During the meeting that took place on Wednesday, DeGise expressed thanks to the few locals who were there and who had shown their support for her in the midst of the firestorm.

She is thankful to everyone that came out and had to remain, as reported by Fox News.

DeGise is appreciative and so grateful for the folks who have come out to help her or just want to wait until the legal process moves on to ask her any further inquiries.

Pressing Charges?

According to CBS News, Black was working as a delivery driver for Uber Eats at the time of the collision with the SUV. Per the reports, he has been thinking about filing a lawsuit against DeGise.

DeGise also mentioned on Wednesday that she does not yet have a court date. She asserted the situation just made her want to be “a better leader.”

She was previously engaged in a different collision with a vehicle. The video from the police officer’s body camera was taken in November of last year.

It shows the officer notifying her that she had unlawfully parked her car; it had been hit by another vehicle and would be hauled away.

CBS2 was informed by a member of the council that she might face a recall election if she continues to demonstrate her unwillingness to resign from her position.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.