Adam Schiff’s Days in Congress May Be Coming to an End

The release of the Durham report has proven corruption is very much alive in America.

It also revealed that many US officials were well aware former President Trump never colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election; yet, they pretended otherwise.

Amid this big reveal, much of the country is demanding consequences for folks who were involved and chose to look the other way and/or actively partake in the corruption. One of these people is none other than Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, as reported by Fox News.

The End of the Line For Schiff?

GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna took action this week, formally filing a resolution to have Schiff booted out of Congress. Luna’s reasoning for this measure cites Schiff being a “dishonor” who misled the country about Trump amid racking up a bill in the millions for US taxpayers.

As many Americans may recall, Schiff was one of the lawmakers who insisted undeniable evidence existed of Trump working underhandedly with the Russians to win in 2016.

Though the Durham report makes it clear no such evidence ever existed and government officials knew this all along.

Schiff Pushes Back

Amid the resolution for his congressional expulsion, Schiff had some choice words in response. The Democrat acccused Luna of being a “MAGA Republican” with an unfair ax to grind against officials who look to get justice.

Likewise, Schiff also claimed “MAGA Republicans” want revenge against anyone who protects the rule of the law.

The Democrat did not, however, address the particulars in the Durham report that show the “evidence” he previously cited was never in existence.

On social media, many conservatives expressed support for Luna’s resolution to have Schiff forced out of the House of Representatives. There are likewise calls for others involved in corruption to pay the price, too.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.