Abductions of Moms in Blue States Creates Distress Nationwide

A new wave of violence is erupting against mothers living in the blue city of Memphis, Tennessee. Two mothers have been abducted last week.

Police investigations reveal both incidents were random, which is creating chaos among nationwide moms who are now living in an extreme sense of fear.

Moms in Blue City Are Living Under Distress

On September 1st, a mom named Eliza Fletcher was running around 4 a.m near the University of Memphis when she was abducted. Four days later, Fletcher was found dead in an abandoned building.

Fletcher’s abduction came after another kidnapping a day earlier, when two people abducted an unknown mother and her one-year-old child outside a crowded Target store in broad daylight.

After the abduction, the criminals took the mother to an ATM and forced her to withdraw $800 before releasing the mother and her toddler.

Speaking to Fox News, the owner of the Memphis Mom Collective, Crady Schneider, noted Fletcher used to run every morning. Running is something many moms try to do on a daily basis.

Now, after a couple of abductions, many moms are reconsidering their decision of running in the early morning since they can also be the next target of abductors, Schneider argued. Likewise, Schneider added moms need to live their lives without the fear of violence against them.

As Schneider is living near Fletcher’s home, she is well aware of the nearby areas. According to Schneider, Central Avenue, from where Fletcher was abducted, is considered one of the safest areas in the neighborhood as it is well-equipped with proper lighting.

Furthermore, a camera is installed on every single light on Central Avenue, which, according to Schneider, makes the area highly secure.

As churches, museums, and golf courses are present near Central Avenue, it remains a crowded place for the most part of the day, Schneider added.

Memphis Abductions Worrying Moms Nationwide

Although the Memphis Police Department arrested one suspect, Will Hayes, in the Target abduction case, law enforcement is still unable to catch the other suspect who was captured on the CCTV camera.

While discussing the Target abduction, Schneider stated kidnapping a woman outside such a famous shopping area should be a matter of concern for law enforcement agencies, as they are still unable to catch the second criminal.

Mothers across the nation are getting scared of abductions since both kidnappings were random.

As per the police investigation, the abductors had no motive to commit the crime. Many moms believe a spree of random abductions can make them the next victim of the crime.

One Ohio resident, Alissa Henry, noted she was thinking about Fletcher while running at 4 a.m. Although Henry claimed she runs with her friend to avoid any unfortunate incidents, she added women should always be able to run alone, even in the dark.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.