A Peaceful Vice Presidential Debate Between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris

Mike Pence (Some rights reserved) by Gage Skidmore
"Mike Pence" (Some rights reserved) by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In the latest vice presidential debate, there were no meltdowns, no new announcements, and no sarcastic zingers. The two vice-presidential candidates didn’t scream nor constantly interrupted each other. But what stood out was how both of the vice-presidential candidates did their job defending their running mate and slamming the opponent.

The debate between the two vice-presidential candidates is drastically different than the presidential debate last week. However, while Pence was in the middle of denying the struggles that Americans are experiencing with systemic racism, a housefly landed on his perfectly coifed white hair for several minutes, and it became the star of the show.

Mike Pence seems to be unaware of the fly resting on his head, which immediately created a buzz. People on social media did what they know best in moments like this, make bad puns, and many of them. Several people even created Twitter accounts for the fly. There were even jokes about a “Saturday Night Live” cameo by the fly. And after 10 minutes after the vice presidential debate, the Biden campaign sold a fly swatter with a slogan “Truth over flies.”

Vice Presidential Debate Lacking In Fireworks

The vice presidential debate was somehow lacking in fireworks and is contrastingly different from the presidential candidates’ chaotic display last week. 

It can be observed that throughout the debate, the candidates seem to have their lines prepared for the possible questions that could be asked. 

Much topics of the debate were about the coronavirus pandemic. Pence talked about this issue by emphasizing how President Trump put the health of Americans first. He said that the President is gearing towards having universal testing and giving people access to vaccines and protective gear. To add, the Vice President said that this plan is very much what the current administration was already doing. 

During the debate, the vice president was also asked about why would the White House would hold an event in the White House that would somehow put people at risk from the virus. 

Pence answered in this manner, saying that he and President Trump trust the American people to make choices that they deem would be of best interest to their health. 

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On the other hand, Kamal Harris was rather aggressive in seizing on the argument on how the current administration failed in handling the coronavirus pandemic. She started accusing President Trump of covering up the information about the COVID-19 virus when Trump was first briefed about it in January by his national security team. She further argued that the Trump administration still didn’t have a concrete plan on how to combat the disease.

These claims, however, were addressed well by Vice President Pence, stating facts on how the Trump administration has their plans laid out, which focuses on giving Americans access to the vaccine once it became available in the market. 

Although the vice presidential debate that happened last Wednesday will not be likely to change American voters’ minds, it showed a sharp contrast between both parties’ agendas when it comes to health care and more.

Both candidates also did their main job as vice presidential nominees, defend their running mates, and slam the opponent. As much the same as the vice-presidential debates in the past, the debate didn’t likely change the presidential debate as well.