A Look Ahead to 2022

With 2021 ending on a low note for Democrats, all eyes are set on the next year. Forecasts regarding inflation, the supply chain crisis, resignations, the border crisis, and midterm elections depict Republicans will do well in the election year.

Meanwhile, Biden can face drastic opposition from within the Democrat Party, as most progressives have started vowing not to compromise on any future bill if Sen. Joe Manchin does not let the social spending bill pass.

Midterm elections loom over Biden amid inflation and supply chain problems

The 2022 midterm election forecast is already painting a dismal picture for Democrats, with most political pundits suggesting Republicans can easily win both the House and Senate.

This was evident from Biden’s approval rating, which did not exceed 50 percent in any poll lately.

The central bank has already indicated raising the interest rate, which is likely to curb inflation. Some radical left commentators believe inflation will drop to almost 2.5% in 2022.

However, according to The Economist, going at the same pace would only reduce inflation to 2% by the end of the year with consistent efforts.

Deteriorating supply chain conditions also pose a threat to Biden going forward in 2022.

According to a trade credit insurer Euler Hermes, supply chain bottlenecks would only be healed in the second half of 2022, as the new COVID variant is forcing countries to halt trade operations.

Hermes noted due to the strict COVID protocols by companies, manufacturing and shipping are being cut drastically. This is aggravating the supply chain crisis, which will continue in 2022.

Joe Fisher, a regional director with a staffer firm, Robert Half, estimated there are ten million new jobs available in the country; this is empowering people to experiment, while allowing them to resign from jobs.

This is causing a great resignation crisis, thereby straining the US economy. According to Robert Half, the resignation trend will continue in 2022 as well, which will create economic challenges for Biden.

Biden will keep failing on foreign affairs

Beijing’s Winter Olympics are also the most anticipated event of next year, as China is likely to attack Taiwan, based on the expansionist “reunification” policy of the incumbent Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Republican lawmakers already urged Biden to empower Taiwan militarily so the island could be in a position to defend itself.

Similarly, the Russia and Ukraine issue is also likely to unfold, with Russia expected to take military action against Ukraine, based on its long list of demands given to the US.

The most pressing challenge for Joe Biden in the 2022 election year is to keep himself in the good graces of House Democrats.

These Democrats have voiced their concerns about not supporting future legislation, in case Joe Manchin does not pass the social spending measure.

Manchin already announced he would not vote for the spending bill, which raises Biden’s tensions of keeping progressives intact during the crucial election year.