71% Believes Biden’s Leading the US in the Wrong Direction

The latest poll by NBC News shows almost 71 percent of Americans believe the Biden administration is leading the United States in the wrong direction. However, the president, while in Rome, said he received good international support, despite having declining poll numbers back home.

Biden prefers foreigners’ perceptions over Americans’ opinions

Concluding the G20 summit in Rome, Biden said world leaders sought him out, which is an indication all the countries need America. Likewise, the president claimed all the global leaders want to know the US’ views about the prevailing international issues.

However, Americans believe otherwise. The latest polls found only 42 percent of respondents were satisfied with Biden’s performance, while 54 percent disapproved of him.

These numbers show a significant decline from NBC’s previous polls, as Biden managed to get a 49 percent approval rating in August. However, this time, Biden’s inability to pass the stalled economic agenda through Congress is one of the primary reasons why he is unable to get popular support.

When the respondents were asked about the economic situation of the United States under Biden, only 40 percent approved of Biden, while 57 percent disapproved.

It is important to note here that Biden has a stalled economic agenda at home; he has already admitted his presidency heavily depends on this legislation.

Not only this, but Biden’s backed Democrat candidate is facing a tough gubernatorial election in Virginia on November 2. This election is highly expected to be the litmus test for Biden’s presidency before next year’s midterm elections.

As polls are coming against him, Biden also dismissed the nosediving numbers, which according to him, do not depict reality. While commenting on Americans’ public opinions against him, Biden said he did not run in the 2020 presidential election to see poll results.

Apart from the stalled economic agenda, Biden is facing public repulsion on the everlasting border crisis, Democrats’ internal tussles, massive supply chain backlogs, and the skyrocketing inflation that is robbing consumers in big numbers.


IMF warns USA of deteriorating economic conditions

The situation is so damaging even the IMF has predicted a decline of one percent in the US economic growth for 2021. This is greater than the predicted downfall in any G7 nation.

Not only this, but Moody Analytics has also warned the supply chain crisis will deteriorate further before coming back on the track of recovery in America.

These poll numbers against Biden are an epitome of the fact that Biden-led Democrats can face a merciless rejection from voters. This is true not only in the 2022 midterm elections, but also in the 2024 presidential race.

Voters are also alienated from the president, due to his unilateral approach in dividing the country and not embracing the politics of participation by involving Republicans in his economic agenda negotiations.