173,620 Illegal Immigrants Crossed the US Border in November Alone

According to the newly released figures by Customs and Border Protection, nearly 173,620 encounters happened at the US southern border during November. This is a significant increase of 140 percent, compared to the same month last year.

Border encounters grew significantly in November

The latest numbers suggest the border encounters increased by 10,000, compared to October 2021, which was itself a staggering increase of almost 130 percent, compared to October 2020.

According to the agency, more than half of these encounters were related to the leverage of the Biden administration, which it gave under Title 42.

The last fiscal year, i.e., 2021, had seen the most encounters in the documented history of the United States, with more than 1.7 million encounters happening during one year.

Despite the historic increase in border encounters, Chris Magnus, who was recently confirmed as a CBP commissioner after Biden nominated him, praised the situation.

He noted Border Patrol agents successfully managed to keep drugs and dangerous products out of the United States on behalf of Americans.

Likewise, he noted the incredible number of encounters portray the assertiveness of the CBP, as the department facilitated travel and trade regimes by maintaining safe and secure practices.

Magnus also noted it was a matter of pride for him to lead a historical department with a visionary workforce dedicated to healing the national economy.

He asserted CBP’s heroic actions are enough to disrupt smugglers and criminal entities which want to exploit people by trafficking illegal products across borders. 

Border agents opposed Chris Magnus’ nomination as CBP chief

It is pertinent to note here that many border agents opposed Magnus’ Senate confirmation; according to them, he is the hated personality among them.

One of the agents working at the Tucson Sector noted Magnus hated law enforcement agencies all throughout his career; just like he destroyed the Tucson Police Department, he would destroy the CBP as a whole, the agents believe.

Similarly, another agent said the morale of forces within the department has been low since the confirmation of Magnus. According to the agent, the department will now see the promotion of people who are not advocates of a safe and secure border.

Tom Homa, the former acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), believed Magnus’ confirmation would help Biden promote his agenda to destroy the security of the border.

Homa also stated Democrats compromised the interests of those who put their lives at risk on the border. Biden has a history of coming at crossroads with border agents.

A couple of months ago, Biden scolded Border Patrol agents over claims that they did not whip Haitian immigrants. Responding to the comments, one of the border agents noted back then that Biden started a war with the department.